Sharing Design Methodology
We have a lot of experience in using Design Methodology, both in all our design projects, but also as a means to support groups or companies that need that framework and methodical design thinking in order to be truly creative. 
Charlotte Ryberg is also an experiences design lecturer. 
I am now also opening up to sharing this to new audiences as a public speaker. Topics I love to cover are: Design Methodology, Design Thinking, Visual Identity/Visual Branding, The Importance of Colour in Shape & Colour, How to create strong Design Concepts. I will update this section more very soon. 
What's different about the way I teach. Well I've actually used these methods and ways of both working and thinking, and interacting with teams in a lot of different project, covering almost every design discipline. So for me it's not only theory, and that makes Sharing Design Methodology both more authentic and very exciting!