Authentic concepts & cross disciplinary  coherence
We love to help companies find their authentic identity and express it through colour, shape, materiality. The tonality is important. How you look should truly express who you are, and what you want to achieve. It is as important in your logo or stationary (we're obsessed with impeccable stationary, choosing the right paper, print quality etc) as in the spatial experiences you want to give your user/customers (stores, exhibitions, office etc., or just a sense of space, that you have a "home"), your digital presence and the way you dress. We're also dedicated in exploring ways that you can tell your story, and communicate in ways that talks to more senses than the visual. Your Visual Identity should be touched, smelled, order to share meaningful experiences with your audience. And above all, coherence is key. Everything should come from a very solid concept, which we create together with you! After that we can start creating! Who are you? We're ready to start, big or very small, step by step!