Identity and Concept in Engaging Interiors
How does your brand translate into your spaces, where you are, where you meet you clients, customers, visitors or users? How does it look, feel, smell? What functions do you need, how can the interior and the supporting graphics enable the situations you need? 
Spatial experiences are also absolutely fundamental when it comes to exhibition design and event scenography, and these are areas where we hav a lot of experience. Both from working with museums as well as the corporate world. 
We can help you with your project from start to finish, i.e. from the first napkin sketch until the moment you invite your first guests, inviting the right entrepreneurs/crafts persons and making sure everything works smoothly. 
We are also more than happy to join existing teams, adding that extra holistic and conceptual consideration, making sure the visual identity really shines through in meaningful way (far away from repeating logos..) and that the concept is rock solid, and coherence runs through everything.