When you know you need help with your appearance and functionality, but not really with WHAT and HOW. 
So this is actually quite common. I mean. Some of my clients are very experenced design service buyers. Most are not. If you find yourself in a situation where you know you and your business or project needs a designers hand, but not really know how and what (to prioritize). Or if you feel like you're working on it, but it's (or the team) is not really coming together into something solid to build on. If you actually just don't know what a designer does, or how we work. I'm here for you. You can ask to bring me in for a day of creative workshops and exploration and I will look into everything, guide you, and help to define a strategy and way forward. Or the starting point can also just be to grab a coffee. It can really be as simple as that, and you will definitely walk away with a vision on how we can move forward.