I (co-)create the concept from start to finish and set it all up strategically and beautifully! 
x Creation of new Creative Concepts and Projects from start to finish.
x Curation of Spatial Experiences (i.e. interiors, objects, graphics etc. for engaging consumer experiences) 
x Freelancing creative resource to join you existing team to ignite some new energy, facilitate workshops and make sure you're able to nail that concept! 
Sometimes my clients knows exactly who they are, or what story they want to tell, and my job is to translate that into colour, shape, materiality, i.e. beautiful, functional design. But quite often there's just a hunch, a dedication, missing a real sense of tangibility. No need to worry, I absolutely love to create, or co-create with you and your team, the full concept. Help you define who you are, what the story is really about, what to call it, and then create a truly unique way of translating that and setting it all up. That means that it will be equally important to build the fundamentals, as well as the details of the execution. You hire me to curate the full experience.