Clothes and accessories hanger/display system

Berlock, a versatile clothes and accessories hanger, part of the new Fashion Object Collection by the Swedish designer Charlotte Ryberg. The raw, but decorative rope link gives the possibility for no-limit length, flexible height and a variety of addable jewellery like details (bracelet charms) for favourite accessories and fashion details. 
Material: Stained oak, black rope, metal hooks, textile storage. 
For more info and customized order:

ÖÖ: Was it a dream, London Design Festival/London Fashion Week 14th-24th September 2010, where it covered an 11 m long wall, with brand new Berlock details.

ÖÖ: Was it a dream, Stockholm, 16th-20th November 2010, at Galleri Duerr

Stockholm Design Week 2011, Product designer Charlotte Ryberg, Solo exhibition at Thomas och Kniven. 
ÖÖ: Was it a dream, Helsinki, 9th-13th May, 2012. 

Chosen for the Braille Man Pop-Up Shop in Shoreditch. 

About ÖÖ: Was it a dream: ÖÖ, or 'night' in Estonian, is a pop-up gallery + concept store showcasing work by young avant-garde creatives from six Nordic countries - Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. It is a collaborative project by a community of fashion and product designers, photographers, film makers, artists and illustrators, whose work introduces dark and surreal aspects of Nordic aesthetics. All of the pieces included are created, edited or chosen especially for the project; a mix of showpieces, prototypes and commercial products available for sale or order. Together, they create a mysterious and surreal environment, interacting with visitors and designers themselves.

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